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We're a duo of creatives giving a fun, fresh and original edge to brands, making them stand out among the many.

Our clients describe us as a flexible, affordable and innovative duo capturing the customer’s needs as much as the clients.

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We are Visual Poets.


Juan Bedoya

"I film every day not because it's work but because I love it and want to create."

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About Me

After working in the hospitality sector I realised that I wanted to pursue a different avenue, cinematography. I soon found myself behind the camera and loving every bit of it. From movie fanatic to now a self-taught videographer and editor, I have a keen passion for helping my clients visualise their thoughts.

My Work

My main source of inspiration is that of the videography giants Peter McKinnon & Daniel Schiffer. Their work inspired me to create my style today of integrating narrative with b-roll sequences. Along with some crisp editing, I focus on the little details to bring out the big picture.


I like to provide a high-end visual piece by learning through my past commercial shoots and incorporating styles and techniques I learnt. The most important thing for me is to understand each client’s mind and perspective to create a whole experience tailored to them.

Getting Personal

I would say I have a few key passions that make me, me. Playing instruments as well as going to acoustic gigs has to be high up there on my interests. Fitness is a key part of my life and I have found a recent passion for running through London. The world of cinema might be my favourite interest. There’s nothing like sitting back and watching a true masterpiece on the big screen. And lastly, I’m not sure if you can call it a passion but I’m known to be a bit of a workaholic, I just love what I do.


My favourite campaigns I've worked on.

Favourite Restaurant

Favourite Brand

Favourite Shoots – Restaurants

Favourite Shoots – Music Videos


We met at the University of Westminster studying Architecture.

First Meet
We met through our love of good drinks. Once a week we sipped on a small glass of tequila.

We are Creatives
I find it funny how neither of us liked the creative commercial Architecture world, went off and worked in hospitality and then circled back to being in a more creative field.

Friends for Life
We became best friends the second we met in the architecture studios all the way back in first-year university.

Spontaneous Holidays
Completely last minute, we decided to go Thailand for their new year festival - Songkran. We booked tickets and the next day we were off to the far east.

Vertical Rush - Shelter
In aid of Shelter, we took on the Vertical Rush challenge where we have to sprint up 42 floors. We love a good fitness challenge but our legs were jelly by the end of it.

Tough Mudder
We decided to do the 5k Tough Mudder challenge. Rishi, however, booked us in for the 10k the weekend after. It was a challenge...but we finished it!


Rishi Shah

"London is my passion and being able to work with businesses and brands from all corners of London makes this the best job."

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About Me

After leaving university, it quickly became apparent that my love for architecture did not mix well with the commercial industry. I fell in love with the hospitality sector whilst working at a well-known pub in Hampstead, The Holly Bush. My time here made me realise that I wanted to interact and connect with people. After a short while in the corporate world as a freelancing software engineer, I decided to make the move back into the creative field.


I started blogging about my passion for London’s hidden gems, date night spots and unique bars. This quickly lead to a following and partnerships with some amazing brands.


Through my time in the Insta-verse, I got back in touch with my creative side but it wasn’t enough. That’s where Two Dudes came to fruition.

My Work

My creative passion comes from my background in fine art and especially drawing. I love sketching and coming up with ideas and scenes. I now translate that into formulating a concept through to realisation.


I love meeting new people and brands. Sitting down and understand their passion for what they do is sometimes magical. I love to hear their creative ideas to then let my mind run wild with original creative twists.


While being a creative and very much tech and business savvy. Through this, I have a keen eye and interest in metrics. I like to measure the statistics of everything we do to understand where growth and success stand.

Getting Personal

I have many passions. Outside of the creative world, I am a nerd at heart. I love Japanese anime, the world of pop-fiction and classic movies and music. But something most people don’t know about me is that I am a licensed skipper, meaning I can charter a boat out to sea as a captain. And maybe even more interesting, I have a sky diving licence and it has been used to complete over 50 jumps out of a plane.


It might be safe to say I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker.


My favourite campaigns I've worked on.

Favourite Restaurant

Birthed the Brand

Favourite Shoots – Bars

Favourite Shoots – Restaurant


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