Create a sleek and professional website, where we would drive audiences to become apart of their online education subscription service.

Ben has a great platform where he talks about the power of education in trading. His established background in the forex market adds appeal and experience to his brand name.


Two Dudes has been working with since the very start. From the initial branding strategy to creating a mobile-friendly sleek and professional website that now houses over 400 students. Our task was to drive traffic to his free online course and leads to the paid subscription service. Using several avenues of campaigns we have successfully brought through 100+ paying members. 


Online, Global



Facebook | Instagram


Initial Design

To start the brand we needed a simple design that could be easily placed and indicated what the brand was about.

The bars above the lettering are known as candlesticks and simply show the relation to Forex trading.


A sleek user-friendly experience

The website has several functions that make it a powerhouse in online education. It firstly houses a membership database that houses over 400 students. These students can access different free course videos to help them learn and understand the world of Forex. Also, it has a subscription service that allows you to join over 100 other students for weekly webinars on the website.


Automation is key and with that in mind, there are several applications set in place to connect to the Facebook business manager and pixel, Google analytics, automated weekly emails and more. This combined with strong SEO techniques has delivered great success to the brand’s name.


Organic & Paid Campaigns

To achieve such a large number of students in the space of 1 year there was a large number of Google & Facebook Ads accompanied by organic campaigns that got Ben’s students and followed involved.

A key factor overall to this success was making sure there was always a clean, simple and effective landing page where we drove leads to. And automation in place to track the metrics and volumes of these conversions.


Animated Explainer Video

To allow new people to understand what the world of Forex entails we put together a short explainer video done entirely by animation design.

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