Cafe Pacifico

The first Mexican restaurant in the U.K. catering authentic Mexican dishes paired with award-winning cocktails. Our relationship started in mid-2019 and blossomed very quickly. Since then we have run several campaigns bringing in extra foot traffic, charity events and increased their social growth.


Increase Pacifico's brand name and additionally drive a younger demographic.

Pacifico caters to a large number of families with its warm welcoming cantina. Their use of creative twists on classic recipes makes their name heard. However, being placed on a quiet inside road in Covent Garden can sometimes make them overlooked.


Two Dudes took on the challenge of taking over their social media. Using marketing tools, coupled with creative campaigns we gave new life to their channels, driving in a steady stream of new customers. 


Covent Garden, London


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Visual Library

Our library of shoots created for Cafe Pacifico.


Post-Lockdown Fundraiser

Lockdown was rough for the hospitality sector. To help get Pacifico back on their feet, we put together a feel-good video to round up all those amazing moments the cantina provides. We wanted this video to connect with their audience and raise funds.

24th July 2020

National Tequila Day

In association with one of Pacifico’s brand partners Ocho Tequila and also Three Cents tonics, we decided to come up with a new recipe to a classic Paloma Margarita. We introduce the Pinchie Pinky Paloma.

8th August 2020

Ocho's Birthday

To help Ocho Tequila celebrate their birthday in bars across the globe, we wanted to bring people into Pacifico to raise their glass.


The task was to create visually pleasing AD’s as well as a well-thought strategy to bring customers to Pacifico’s restaurant in Covent Garden.

Firstly, we rolled out a large number of posts talking about how Pacifico is keeping to social distancing very strictly, while still maintaining a great atmosphere. We then encouraged customers to post and tag Pacifico showing their safe and fun eat-in experiences.


This in combination with Facebook AD’s gave a full house outside of the hours of the Eat Out scheme.

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